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Cupping / Hijama during Pregnancy and After Birth.

Hijama wet/blood cupping cannot be performed during any stage of pregnancy, but it is possible to perform dry cupping on the neck, upper back and shoulder area after Week 9. Pregnant women suffering with stiffness, lethargy and exhaustion can use gentle massage techniques and dry cupping on the upper body after Week 9 but the cups should not be left on for longer than 5 minutes and it is recommended to use light suction only.

After labour and delivery, it is not recommended for women to have hijama/blood cupping therapy administered until at least 8-12 weeks post partum. However during this period, dry cupping and massage techniques can greatly help to support a quick recovery, reduce aches and pains, fatigue, stiffness and general weakness. Post partum cupping therapy should always be administered by an experienced fully qualified therapist.

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