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Treatment Disclaimer

The Harrow Cupping Clinic

The medical or holistic health information provided on this website should not be used, or relied upon, as a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment of either physical or mental health conditions. Always contact a physician such as your GP or other medically qualified health professional with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. The Harrow Cupping Clinic does not engage in diagnosis of medical conditions and neither does it prescribe and/or advise on prescription medications.

Cancelling your appointment or being late

If you need to cancel your appointment, please remember to give us 24 hours notice beforehand otherwise you may lose any deposit which was paid in advance of your treatment.

Please ring and let us know if it's likely you will be late for your treatment. ​We will always try to accommodate clients who are genuinely late within time frames which are reasonable.


All new clients are required to complete a consultation form and undergo a medical assessment before they are treated. Not all clients may be suitable for wet cupping therapy. The Harrow Cupping Clinic reserves the right to refuse treatment where the risk to a client's health outweighs the benefit of treatment.


Clients must be sure that they are not pregnant at the time of their therapy session.


Dry cupping, fire cupping, moving cupping massage and soft tissue rehab can all be performed when you're menstruating, but Hijama wet cupping and abdominal massage are best avoided during this time. Don't hesitate to call us on 077 89 89 89 25 for a chat if you have a more specific query.

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